Business Plan

Export Business Plan

People want to know what to do 365 days. The need for counselors and education perspective are changing today. It is necessary to determine the activities that should not stay away from the activities that include “EXPORT” in many administrative, financial and operational activities that should deal with the daily intensity of the exporter, producer, operator, and give it a road map vision. Aware of this, the Export Development Center makes a 365-day business plan, informing the export department, expert, staff and management of planning and a sustainable export strategy. Thinking all the stages in the fields of analysis, positioning, preparation, production, implementation, conclusion and reporting for you. It includes many activities such as finding customers, reaching new markets, following the export operation, overseas trip and fair organization.



2-Stage:Determining the strategy

  • Financial Projection
  • Digital Projection
  • Incentive Projection
  • Global Market Strategy
  • Target Market Strategy

3-Stage: Material Production

4-Stage: Naming

5-Stage: Groundbreaking

6-Stage: Implementation Process(Global – Target Market pair work)

7-Stage: Creating a database (Global – Target Market binary study)

8-Stage: Creating an ecosystem (Global – Target Market pair work)

9-Stage: Market research planning (Global – Target Market pair work)

10-Stage: Networking Creation (Global – Target Market pairwork)

11-Stage: Fair planning plan (Global – Target Market pair work)

12-Stage: 365 days export governance (Global – Target Market bilateral work)

13-Stage: Actual field work

14-Stage: Creating a Reseller / Agency selling for you

The Export Road Map has been prepared in order to provide answers to the questions and problems that the companies that will start new exports will encounter in the first stage. All the questions below are answered for you.

Why do we want to export?

  • Are we ready to export as a company?
  • Does our product have competitive advantage?
  • How should we plan the market entry?
  •  What are the features of the market?
  • What are the legal obligations?
  •  Who can be our potential customers?
  • Can we organize the export process?
  •  Where can I find information about international markets?
  •  Where can I find specific-COUNTRY  information where I will sell my products?

Export Plan Preparation Guide

 Interactive Export Marketing Plan

  • What is Market Research?
  • What are the Results of the Market Research?
  • Who are the customers?
  • Where are they located?
  • Who are the main players in the market?
  • How is the market segmented?
  • What are the demand models?
  • What are the market behavior models? Which products are demanded in quantity and quality?
  • What is the market size?
  •  How are the market prices?
  •  What are the trends in the market?
  • What are the distribution channels?
  • Who Carries Out Market Research?
  • Why Should Companies Conduct Market Research?
  • Content of Market Research?
  • Desk Top Research
  • Methodological Approach
  • Field Research
  • What are the Main Methods of Field Research?
  • Ready-to-Use Market Reports


  1. Distribution channels
  2. Business Culture
  3. Preparation for the Meeting

Preparation Abroad

Buyer Company

Visit Fair Participations

  1. Company Data Sources
  3. How to Become an Exporter?

Transactions by Country of Export Payment methods

Advance Payment Letter of Credit Payment

What is Letter of Credit?

Opening of Letter of Credit Necessary Conditions for Payment Banks in Transactions with Letter of Credit

Documents Against Payment

Payment Against Goods Acceptance

Credit Payment

Factoring forfaiting

Discount Transaction

Eximbank Applications

1-Export Credits Before Shipment Foreign Trade Companies (WTO)

2-Export Loans

3-Export Preparation Loans

4-KOBİ Export Preparation Loans

5-International transportation

6-Collection of Export Prices

G Artıcle VAT

Exemption Export of Goods

Service Export

  • Correspondence and Contract Examples

Correspondence Examples

Export Contract

Elements to be Included in the Sales Contract

  • Introduction to the markets
  • General Legislation Information

EU Market Access Database

  • Customs
  •  Taxes Patent
  •  Trademark
  •  Trademark Registration

Standards and Legislation

 Government Supports

Research and Development   Aid

 Environmental Support

Employment Aid

Supporting Office-Store Opening,

Operation and Brand Promotion Activities Abroad

  1. Supporting Stores
  2. Supporting Offices and Showrooms,
  3.  Supporting Promotional Activities

Support Elements Provided to Turkish Fashion Designers

Supporting Market Research Projects