Health Tourism


It is defined by the Ministry of Commerce as the company that manages all the activities of the patients brought to our country from abroad.

The only definition on this subject is the one made in Murat IŞIk’s Adan Zye Health Tourism Book.

In order to define an operator as a health tourism agency, its activities as a health tourism agency must be described in its articles of association and an agreement must be made with the health institution on patient care in order to be described as an agency within the scope of incent.

Health Tourism Agency can carry out this service together with foreign insurance companies or travel agencies in the processes of taking the foreign patient from the address to the address.

This sectoral classification created by the Ministry of Economy for the incentives issued in 2012 and 2015 will also be a new and popular line of business.These government incentives are constantly renewed to provide foreign currency inflow in the health tourism sectorin Turkey.

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