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Exports Everyone’s Dream;

But it’s not everyone’s fee to do. Don’t think it’s hard, don’t think it’s impossible. Export is a multi-disciplinary process that includes a lot of different actions. Everyone knows what to do in this process. But he CAN’T. Because they don’t have the expertise to do this job. Everyone Has An Idea On This Topic. But there is no working discipline and the ability to do what to do with belief in this process, which includes many actions.

Export consultancy  Our service starts with analysis positioning, project planning activity plan and business plan, and most of it is market and firm research phase. At this stage, the determination of potential importers and distributors and establishing the first communications take place in the markets where the sales of your products are the most. Various effective methods are used while communicating and online and traditional promotion methods are used according to the budget of the company. The list of companies that are seriously interested in importing your products is compiled and detailed discussions are held on how to meet the special demands of these companies, if any.

Export Consultancy It is a business discipline that needs to be done with more than one person. Our aim is the whole process of reaching the customer in this field.

 Export Consultancy, B2B, B2C, B2G, B2M is the art of reaching the target audience of the product or service in its fields.

We want the export to have different meanings by definition and to gain dimension. we do a lot of work in this sense. However, we do not make an in-depth list of needs. we are not trying to invent and mechanize a system. As İGEME, our concern is to ensure that exports are a mechanical process.


Nowadays, when information is so easily accessible, everyone has an idea of how to export.

All entrepreneurs and businesses also know what to do about it. Actually, it’s not about knowing. It’s all about practicing or doing it. Ask for e-mail for the services included in the system that does what you need to do for your export trade.

Export Consultancy;  Every time we will consider, digital, internet, database and commercial intelligence, international fairs and organizations together.we aim for solutions like wise idea of experience of mailing, seo, AdWords, call center and roadshows.

We guarantee exports in 90 business days…

Our Full Export Consultancy  Service Package is Monthly is 9,000 TL + VAT + 5% Premium to  Buy

Dear Friends read our full article of your first incentives. It detailed with the excellent export report of mathematics we will freely given to you….

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2021-Our Export Consultancy Brochure examine

1- Do I have to export?

If you are asking this question, there is no need to read more. You should export for the continuity and persistence of your business and profitability.

2- Can i export myself?

Of course you can. You can get the necessary information about what to do about this and what to do on our website or through our training programs

3- How much time ı need to spend for export?

What do you expect from exports? What do you understand? How much time will you spare for export? It is not correct to answer the question with a question. We suggest you to decide on the following. How much money is your time? When you devote this for export, the processes you have to do will also be disrupted. How many hours are you free in the day?

4- How do I control what you do for my export trade?

What is done for you will be reported and you will be able to follow our work in a field of your own with a special CRM program for export traders. You can also do different Kinde Like we  recommend that you act with the principle of zero trust. In addition, we will come together for vision meetings, breakfasts, network meetings and special meetings and some presentations power points what is  suitable for your  service package you received.

5- Which services will I get from you while I receive export consultancy service from your Company?

The action taken spoken and written in the service packages you choose will be made  for you. We will do what we say, and continue to work to do the best we can.

6- Can you do all the things so far you said?

We recommend you to investigate IGEME and our team in details. Export specialists, incentives, field sales specialists , Russian, Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian call supporters , over 2 million overseas data buyers , 30 fair participation annually at inland  , 40 fair participation internationally, 20 sales tour and institutions per year We work with solidarity and business intelligence expertise. Yes, we do with our university graduated staff  and industry collaboration activities and our foreign offices like Brussels, Casablanca yes we can do it.

7- You answer all these questions cause yo want say us "Let's get advice" from you?

You are already doing the things we listed above for what you are doing now. In addition, you also produce. Don’t you even know what your secretary or master is doing in these processes? Don’t you work like an advertiser for the brochure of your products? Or are you checking everything for your website or not getting these services? We only do the English, German and Arabic of these jobs by going there and searching for them for you.

 We just starts the sentence ( job works insignificantly instead, “We are investigating the target market, language, business culture and consumption habits that we have chosen for your product. At the end of this whole process, we are boosting up your sales process on the site with face-to-face meetings.)

8- How do I manage operating for my export?

Knowing all these headings after the selection of human resources should be ready for the situations that the staff will provide due to their nature, and they should be familiar with the export business plan with individual titles  365 days of export business plan.

9- Who do I need for export? What kind of staff do I need for run my business?

The person you are going to work for export should know English (there are those who do export only in Arabic without knowing English may be considered) Also, staff you have them  shouldn’t be a travel problem. They need to know about export customers, order and contract in export, payment types in export, fair and organization in export, digital marketing for export, use of social media in export, B2B, e-export, logistics and customs. Also, traveling to abroad or a  certain countries should not be a problem. They  must have a Schengen visa and a passport already.

10- What is rules and regulation for a company to export?


 These are the things to be done with the narrowest explanation about basic export.         You have to learn this business plan and make an appropriate work plan for running in  365   day. Exports mean corporate identity as in Turkish process up to contract and everything you did for sale in Turkey remain wills this time it is the job of doing it in accordance with the language of the targeted country.This process is the business of maintaining outside of Edirne.

11- What kind of a path will we follow in our work in export?

Mainly we will work like your staff. We will contact with clients on your behalf. But first  you have to hire  us to became your employee then You need to set up an

E- mail account for us, allocate a phone line and a desk. We will start the process in this way, we will plan what we do for you, make a business plan and comply with it.

12- These prices are not expensive?

Prices seem to be the most important issue every time. However, price the work done below individually and talk to the people you will pay for them one by one and ask for prices. Then let’s talk again. For example; How much do Arabic speaking personnel call you 50 international calls per day? Salary, phone, internet, data to call, teaching to speak, insurance, how much money. Or what is the cost and cost of an employee who will travel abroad and do this successfully for in 10 days?

13- Can i benefit from government subsidies?

Depends on the type of contract you made with it. The pay back  you will get is change for example sample of  subside you can get benefit it  from the consultancy support from KOSGEB is simply  you can get the part of 12.000 TL just for the registration.  000 TL of education support and you can get back 12,000 TL from commercial  support, 6,000 TL from Design Supports, 8,000 TL from E-Commerce supports of the Ministry of Economy, and 36,000 TL with Travel Supports in Market Research Supports. You will also receive 12,000 TL back with office support expensive.

14- How can I believe in reference or competence in this regard?

Faith is the result of a mutual process. Do not believe anyone without doing mathematical inquiry from research. The claim that numbers speak is not meaningful. We recommend that you check everything you say. At the end of the day we or someone else will do what is important.

15- After I start working, will I reach you as easily as now?
16- When will I export when I work with you?

The first customer meetings are targeted on the 100th day of the first sales contract in 60 days. However, your price, your product, your product classification, the service you receive, and our responsibilities will make it early or late.

17- How will we continue if I don't want to continue when a year is over?

If you  do not want  continue work together , we will state this situation and deliver the passwords and phones to you and close the work. We will ensure that the files are completed for the ongoing incentive period. If we continue, we will take our payment and continue working.

18- I am living not in Istanbul, how will we manage this process?

We say that we will manage to sell goods to the world. Turkey’s we serve every part of the company. Therefore, your place is not important. The fact that it is only an airport is very important for the meeting and the process. If you read so far, you win.

19- How do make payments?

50% of the specified payment is made in cash. In order for the remaining payment process to be delayed and to fulfill our responsibility, check payments or credit cards are collected in a way not to exceed 6 months.

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