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Health sector; it is a service rather than a job in terms of its nature and ethical values of those who do it. Although it is called service expelled with this awareness. It is a subject of activity that makes it commercialized by evaluating it as a commodity and in which the area contradicts itself.

Health tourism should only be considered specially for this reason. The health worker should understand the industry, stakeholders and actors to cooperate with. He should know this language. You should know this law. Health tourism marketing consultancy is therefore a business that needs to be considered.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. We see that friends who do not have field experience cannot correctly identify their work.
We must be aware of this. You should know that you need to be an organizer, not an obstacle to the ethical values, rules, malpractice, medical language and the creative intelligence of the doctor. Health tourism marketing consultancy is a special area. It differs not only in terms of stakeholders with high intellectual service, but on the other hand, the C segment is differentiated in terms of knowing the language required to reach the social level and below.

Health Tourism Incentive Consultancy; sociology, advertising, digital world, web technology and foreign marketing make it compulsory to know. Apart from all this, it requires understanding medical prohibitions and ethical values and wrong practices.

You should be careful in our work. This machine is not like selling parts. Guiding people’s health requires responsibility.

As in the Joke :The world famous cardiologist’s car broke down and he took his car for repair. The mechanic opened the hood of the car and turned to the Doctor: I’ll ask you something. Me and you are doing pretty much the same thing. For example, I will now carefully open the hood, at a glance I will understand where the problem is, clean the caps, if necessary, change the wiring and engine oil. Even if it is very necessary, I will remove the motor and replace it. Would you tell; How do you earn millions of dollars, but I put a bullet on the metal ..? Thereupon, the doctor bent over to the mechanic’s ear and said: – Can you do all this while the CAR engine is running?
Before you say I am health consultant ask yourself 


  • Analysis
  • Branding
  • Material Production
  • Strategy Determination Service and Price Analysis
  • Market research and Field determination
  • Digital and Conventional Marketing
  • Roadshow Organization
  • CRM İnfrastructure
  • Creating Database and Bigdata Determining Operational Processes
  • Convert Negative questions to positive State Aid Tracking
  • Accreditation

Marketing Planning in Health Tourism

 Operational Planning in Health Tourism

 Defining Ecosystems and Developing Strategies in Health Tourism

Working for 3 party Cooperation in Health Tourism

Sales Development in Health Tourism

Let’s do things together in Health Tourism.

Field and System Health Tourism Experience which is Turkey’s most successful team from success in health tourism goes from you to shorten the consultation.

Health Tourism Management Consultancy is 9.000 TL + VAT monthly and 5% success premium.

It is within the scope of 50% support within the scope of consultancy support.

 Get involved in our Health Tourist  guarantee system in 90 days…

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