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Incentive Consultancy;

You see your business leave the state supports to us. We wake up with an Incentive Consultancy  information in daily. KOSGEB , Ministry of Commerce, Agriculture, Animal farming  even grants are encouraged for ıt. When you start work In the morning, there are a lot of things you must think about with a lot of liability, how you will follow the incentives while dealing with all this.


İşkur or Export, to follow the new application of KOSGEB  in to adapt İt then to get results. Getting incentives and following the support requires an intense effort.

Turkey Intensive Consultant  Since 1927 this country is on the agenda and you can not learn it in 19 minutes and 27 seconds all this . Do you need a consultant for government support?
If you have enough time knowledge and courage, you don’t need anyone to do this.

Take care of your business, leave the incentives to us

When the increasing exports of firms with the search for new markets and the incentives applied by the government within the scope of export promotion methods are examined, it is seen that firms are not informed about the Turkeys Consultancy, Incentives and how they can benefit from them, or they are not used sufficiently. The reason for this is lack of ignorance and lack of competent incentive counselor.

Incentive Consultancy; our area of expertise is not only providing service but also training incentive consultants.

You can get information by participating in training organizations organized by IGEME. In this process, it is known that many incentives have not been received due to the information and legislative difficulties and ignorance experienced in the follow-up of the supports. For this reason, IGEME Encouraged Consultancy System.

IGEME Incentive Consultancy Service Package Prices

-Single Package Incentive Consultancy Service Fee 24.000 TL + VAT + 5% commission

 -Single File application fee: 1000TL + VAT + purchase 5% of the incentive received

We prepared some sample questions about the COUNSELİNG  that can be asked about İncentive

You are not just looking for an incentive consultant to track documents. You need a team that will guide you on how to use your incentives to develop your visionary business that will shape your future,  Call now and work with the best Incentive specialist team IGEME

You can ask everything about the incentive counseling service and its scope.

Incentive Consultancy IGEME Incentive Consultancy in 20 Questions Incentive Consulting Contract Example

Please pay attention when duplicating We would appreciate if you specify the source.

1- Can i get incentives?

If you are asking this question, you should read more. However, you can buy a country that everyone says should not buy, or say that this is very difficult, and let say it is not worth them in a country where even people is deny it. As an entrepreneur, if you have a project and a company, you can benefit from government subsidies in which REEL will do business.

2- Can I follow the incentives myself? Why should I use a consultant?

Of course you can. You can get the necessary information about what to do about this and what to do on our website or through trainings. You can learn from institutions’ websites. You can call institutions, meet with them, visit them. Since you do not have time for all this, you should use a consultant to understand and confirm whether you can read the documents correctly, because you cannot read the papers every day, because you do not master the changing procedures and principles at all times.

3- How much time should I spare for incentives?

What do you expect from the incentives?

What do you understand? How much time will you spare for incentives? It is not correct to answer the question with a question. We suggest you to decide on the following. How much MONEY IS your time?  When you devote this to incentive, what kind of commit  you have to do will also be Disrupted. How many hours are free on the day. You will see which incentives from which institutions. What files will you write? Which documents will you make?

4- Which document needs to a company receive to government intensives?

You can get information about incentives from the from the attached link.


However, to take advantage of incentives, you must first comply with the legislation. Then you should manage the formal documents and processes that the what Turkish Government wants. Then you have to arrange the physical evidence for processes. Apart from this file process, you should manage according to the legal notification. You must work under government  registration and manage the all payment system in banking. You can get all intensives if you fulfill properly  your paperwork.

5- Which kinda personel I needed to run my intencive legislation?

He or she must know how to read and write very well, as you will work for the government incentive , pages of legislations, day-to-day incentives ıt should know the how the rules and full fill principles. Should be able to follow the changing day to day principles and procedures. He or she should be able to think like a officer, an accountant or a boss, and an business manager.
It should be very good at filing. It should be able to make the time planning very well. It should establish good communication with the authorities and staff it encounters in the officers and governors, the related sector and the field. He or she must also be skilled in mathematics and logic for interpretation, correct analysis. Must be able to have experimented with the project cycle and processes

6- How do I manage process for incentives?

Knowing all these appellation after the selection of human resources should be ready for the conditions that the staff will provide by nature and should be familiar with individuals degree for the 365-day incentive work plan. It is necessary to remind, manage and remind processes.

7- You do answer ALL this questions because you want to us take a counselling from you?

If you are the capable  of all above, if you have time to do all these things, you can proceed without taking time from your employees or if you have enough money and patience to get these  by yourself. We answer the question within the framework of transparency. From now on it’s up to you.

8- Can you able do all this things you said?

https://www.facebook.com/igeme.com.tr/, https://www.facebook.com/muratcevizkitabi,

We encourage you to investigate thoroughly about our team and us. We are working with 20 years of experience and our team in this regard. Many studies such as Kosgeb, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Development, Turkish Promotion Fund, Prime Ministry, EU, Development Agencies, Health, Education, Forestry and R&D supports continue to receive incentives for ourselves and for the institutions we consult.

9- What services will I get receive from you when doing our incentive consultancy?

The process spoken and written in the service package you choose will be made for you on your behalf. We will do what we say and continue to work to do the best we can.


10- How do I control what you do for my incentives?

What is done for you will be reported and you will be able to follow our work in a field of your own with a speacial CRM program for Incentives. You can also do different Kinde  tests. Like we  recommend that you act with the principle of zero trust. In addition, we will come together for vision meetings, breakfasts, network meetings and special meetings and some presentations power points what is  suitable for your  service package you received.

11- What kind of a path will we follow in the subjects where you provide incentive counseling?

We will work like your staff. We will contact you on your behalf. First of all you have to hire us to be your employee. For this  you will give us a power of attorney. After this mandate, we will start working for you. These studies will start with analysis and  understanding rules and regulations.

Determining the status, determining the incentives that you did not receive in the past period, listing the incentives you can get, holding information meetings for possible incentives, following and constantly updating incentives.

12- These prices are not expensive?

Prices seem to be the most important issue every time. However, price the work done below individually and talk to the people you will pay for them one by one and ask for prices. Then let’s talk again. For example; How much do Arabic speaking personnel call you 50 international calls per day? Salary, phone, internet, data to call, teaching to speak, insurance, how much money. Or what is the cost and cost of an employee who will travel abroad and do this successfully for in 10 days?

13- What government subsidies can I benefit from?

The price you will pay us with the contracts we make with you we can benefit it from the consultancy support from KOSGEB , so you can get instant back the 6,000 TL from the main amount. In the addition, you can collect the amount of project writing as much as the amount determined by KOSGEB within the scope of from the consultancy support.

14- How can I believe in reference or competence in this regard?

Faith is the result of a mutual process. Do not believe anyone without doing mathematical inquiry from research. The claim that numbers speak is not meaningful. We recommend that you check everything you say. At the end of the day we or someone else will do what is important.

15- After I start working, will I reach you as easily as now?

We designate a staff member in the system. You can reach at any time. Our goal is not to talk to you, to communicate with you, but to follow the incentives for you. We hold 1 meeting in 15 days to manage this process well.

16- When will I get to receive my incentive when I get the start work with you?

Incentives work on the principle of pay first and buy. Think and plan the incentive will be transferred to your account for at list in 6 months. Depends on how early you apply, which field you have a business plan in, you need to know in which field you will work on also. Your own marketing, investment and  export plan, development and branding plan also make this will  job easier.

17- How will we continue if I don't want to continue when a year is over?

If you  do not want  continue work together , we will state this situation and deliver the passwords and phones to you and close the work. We will ensure that the files are completed for the ongoing incentive period. If we continue, we will take our payment and continue working.

18- Which institutions are available and which incentives are given?

In the appendix, incentives are the most comprehensive incentive documentation prepared by incentive forms IGEME and Murat IŞIK. You can use it by showing the source. However, it is for your own work to respect labor.

19- I am living not in Istanbul, how will we manage this process?

We say that we will manage to sell goods to the world. Turkey’s we serve every part of the company. Therefore, your place is not important. The fact that it is only an airport is very important for the meeting and the process. If you read so far, you win.

20 – How do make payments?

50 % of the specified payment is made in cash. In order for the remaining payment process to be delayed and to fulfill our responsibility, check payments or credit cards are collected in a way not to exceed 6 months.

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