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TURQUALITY Consulting Services Primarly Turquality is a system that checks whether your company or institution is institutionalized rather than a process. Based on this system, your competence looks at whether your financial, brand, export business plan, human resources, production or service processes are institutionalized. Therefore, a strict self-criticism requires a culture of auto control and criticism.

Before starting this process, it is a process of looking in the mirror and confronting the truth and good renewal and eliminating deficiencies. He wants to see that your company is now a corporate structure with its own dynamics. The aim is to create a corporate culture as well as being a brand. It should not be applied without experiencing preparation and incomplete processes.

All documents required by your company for you to be accepted into the Turquality program are prepared by us and sent to the relevant locations within the application period.

Necessary performance criteria are examined for your company to become TURQUALITY brand such as corporate management, brand performance, marketing performance, information technology, and suggestions and support are provided to make necessary improvements.

A staff of your company is trained on the use of Turquality automation system.

Consultancy service is provided to your company at every stage from the appointment date determined by the consultancy company to receiving incentives after it is included in the scope of Turquality.Turquality, the world’s first and only state-sponsored branding project, means high value added export for the country and the nation when it is included in the scope. Turquality Consultancy should include Turquality preparation program in the first phase, and the second phase should be to manage effective use and supports for branding. The third stage of Turquality Consultancy is to perfect the Business development and branding road maps by turning them into a kaisen and lean business plan.

Murat IŞIK Adan Zye Sağlık
Murat IŞIK Sağlık Turizm Modertör


Murat IŞIK Adan Zye Sağlık

Murat IŞIK Sağlık Turizm Modertör

Turquality Consulting is Supplied in 3 Packages

1.Package Preparation And Classroom Stage 49.000 TL Annual (25.000 TL  advance and 2,000 TL per month) And 50.000 TL Premium When Turqualtiy is Taken

2.Package After Turquality is Won, Incentive Consultancy is 50.000 TL Annual Commission of  5% Incentives

3.Package Turquality Export – Encouragement – Commercial Intelligence Consultancy 100.000 TL + VAT + 5% commission

Turquality Consulting The world’s first and only state-sponsored TURQUALITY brand project is the pinnacle of the concept of state subsidies. Firms and brands that are within the scope of support in this field are increasing rapidly. You can be one of the candidates in this regard. The management of the process is very important in this system. You can work with us to manage this process.

TURQUALITY Consulting Services and Operations The top incentive among Export Incentives is the indisputable TURQUALITY incentive. TURQUALITY support is provided by the Turkish Ministry of Economy within the scope of the Communiqué on the Branding of Turkish Products Abroad 2006/4, Placing the Image of Turkish Goods and Supporting TURQUALITY®.


Turquality is the world’s first and only government sponsored branding program. Turquality’s goal is to remove Turkey from 10 world brands in 10 years. A company included in the scope of Turquality aims to become a world brand by getting cash and consultancy service incentives.

Within the scope of Turquality Incentive, there are 2 types of incentives.

Brand Incentive Program (support upper limits and limits are available, in preparation for the Turquality program)

If the Turkish incentive Support Programs are the football leagues TURQUALITY Incentive Program is the UEFA .

What kind of incentives are there in the scope of Turquality support ?

Without upper limit, incentives such as Turquality, companies covered, foreign office store warehouse showroom rent, fair participation, advertisement and promotion, consultancy, ERP software purchase are given. The spending of companies is supported by the state by 50%. It is necessary to evaluate Turquality Consultancy expertise correctly.
In addition, companies included in Turquality are allowed to use the TURQUALITY logo on their products.

How to Apply for Turquality?

  1. Turquality preliminary assessment test is applied.
  2. Application can be made when %50 or more points out of 100 are obtained as a result of  the test.
  3. Test result page and application documents are prepared and uploaded to Turquality software system system.
  4. The documents are also sent to the Turquality Secretariat.
  5. Application fee must
  6. Date is taken for company review.
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