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UR-GE (Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness) Project in Turkish Republic  These are sectoral clustering projects supported within the scope of the Ministry of Economy Communiqué No 2010/8.

       With clustering projects, companies are led by cooperation organizations.

Common needs analysis,

Learning (education and counseling)It is aimed to support joint export-oriented actions and activities such as marketing (promotion, brand, trade committee, matching).It is aimed to increase the competitiveness in the international arena by bringing together companies operating in the same sector and enabling them to act together for 3 year

The activities carried out within the scope of the project are covered by the Turkish Republic  It is supported by the Ministry of Economy at the rate of 75% over all. All activities are pre-financed by collaborative organizations. of companies operating in selected sectors under the project, the growth rate is high and Turkey’s ensuring the increase is relatively low market sustainable to export to countries that shareholders be brought into line with the export strategy of the embodiment domestic companies, increasing the human resource competencies export-oriented companies, companies systematically foreign trade and to gain market research competence and to start exporting in targeted new markets.

The companies participating in the project are expected to carry out export oriented actions and activities such as combined needs analysis, combined learning (training and consultancy) and combined marketing (promotion, brand, trade mission, matching) under the leadership of the organization that prepared the project. 75% of the project costs are covered by the Ministry of Economy and the remaining 25% is must be  covered by the companies participating in the project.

At the same time, a company cannot participate in two separate UR-GE projects, and the companies in the TURQUALITY program cannot benefit from UR-GE support. The number of participants in the projects is at least 10 companies and the expected for a successful project is that 15-30 companies come together to form a cluster.

URGE project consultancy includes many functional processes. Project writing, informing project stakeholders, ensuring process coordination with project experience in project process management, Ministry coordination, process benefit and feedback should be achieved. Understanding industry knowledge, commercial intelligence, market analysis and industry reports and geography is a must for URGE project consultancy.

UR-GE Consultancy Support  is given by IGEME. Urge project preparation consultancy fee is 50.000 TL + VAT

Murat IŞIK Adan Zye Sağlık
Murat IŞIK Sağlık Turizm Modertör


Murat IŞIK Adan Zye Sağlık

Murat IŞIK Sağlık Turizm Modertör

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